Time saving for the realisation of compliance requirements.


Time saving in the preparation of detailed test reports.


Time saving compared to manual creation and maintenance of rule sets.


Saving resources for communication between departments.

Transparent risk management without expertise!

The comprehensive documentation integrated into the software explains all audit steps and potential risks. In addition, CheckAud® automatically exports reports for all relevant target groups and thus takes over the technical and professional translation. This considerably simplifies the regular revalidation of assigned authorisations in the respective specialist areas.

A comprehensive assessment of technical and business risks integrated into CheckAud® supports the prioritisation of the individual audit findings – the basis for efficient and effective risk management. The origin of the critical authorisations found is shown in technical detail so that appropriate measures can be defined to remedy the findings.

CheckAud® Highlights

CheckAud® and ECS IBS Schreiber rule set for GRC and IDM solutions: A powerful combination in the authorisation cycle